CUSD Employee Surveys on District Administration

CAUSE SURVEYS – What and Why?

Carpinteria Association of School Employees, CAUSE, is committed to a professional relationship that centers upon the shared interests and experience of CUSD’s students, staff members, and all other stakeholders in our district. This relationship is supported by contractual agreements, which exist in both our Classified and Certificated contracts. Historically, these contract agreements have been designed to support shared responsibility and effort throughout the district.

CAUSE recognizes that site-level administration is a crucial component in regard to educational outcomes. Site-level administrators have a significant impact on the shared responsibility and efforts of CUSD personnel, as we commit ourselves to the education of Carpinteria’s children.

It is with this in mind that CAUSE Leadership chose to use survey statements that are positive in nature and correlate to standards 1 through 6 of the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL).  All survey respondents use the scale (below) to indicate their level of agreement or disagreement for each of the positive statements contained in the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL).

* strongly agree
* agree
* disagree
* strongly disagree
* not applicable

CAUSE SURVEY CONFIDENTIALITY – The Process Used to Complete Surveys:

CAUSE Leadership is committed to protecting the confidentiality and well-being of employees across the District.  The Union understands the legitimate concerns shared by District employees who wish to clarify the nature of their work-place experiences without being exposed to further retribution, work-place harassment, or other unprofessional actions engaged in by select administrators.

With the above in mind, CAUSE’s surveys on District Administration are anonymous.  Employees’ opinions and perceptions are valued, while their identity remains confidential. Where, due to size, a pool of respondents is easily identifiable; Union Leadership has chosen to review survey feedback in depth, but not to publicize said data.  This practice serves to further protect the confidentiality of District employees working at sites or in small programs across the District.