Update: Collective Bargaining

* March 3, 2023 *



Greetings CUSD Colleagues,

Today, the Bargaining partners reviewed the details of the TENTATIVE AGREEMENT.  Before an agreement could be reached, the Union was required to clarify areas of the District’s MULTI-YEAR calendar proposals where CUSD’s graphic-representations of the calendar did not accurately represent their proposed language; to the detriment of District personnel’s interests.  Fortunately, those discrepancies have been resolved.

Once the above was clarified, a comprehensive  TENTATIVE AGREEMENTS (2022-23 CERTIFICATED – Collective Bargaining Cycle) was reached.


Signed Certificated Tentative Agreement 03.03.2023.Executed

2022-2023 CUSD Calendar 5.13.22

2023-2024 CUSD Calendar Proposal

2024-2025 CUSD Calendar Proposal 3.3.23


[Note: We have also confirmed that all past practices and expectations to

extend our salary & benefit agreements to CLASSIFIED employees remain.

Therefore, in regard to salary and benefit increases, these

TENTATIVE AGREEMENTS serves as the foundation

for upcoming CLASSIFIED Bargaining, scheduled for April, 2023.]


In the following weeks, Union Leadership will clarify members’ opportunities  to confirm their support via the routine ratification process.  Union Leadership asks that every District employee review the attached documents and prepare to ratify the  TENTATIVE AGREEMENTS (2022-23 CERTIFICATED – Collective Bargaining Cycle) as soon as the process has been announced.

Your patience and voices have been instrumental throughout this process.  Union leadership appreciates your engagement and continued participation.

In Unity,

~ j. Hotchner * CAUSE President


* C.A.U.S.E. – Yes We Can ! *