RETRO-PAY Checks Coming Soon !

[ Further Clarification Provided Below ]




Dear Colleagues (CUSD Certificated Employees),

CAUSE leadership is pleased to confirm that the recent TENTATIVE AGREEMENTS * 2022-23 CERTIFICATED CBA were fully executed at this Tuesday’s CUSD School Board meeting.   As we shared with the School Board and community, the process of labor negotiations has once again delivered; further demonstrating that collective bargaining employee contracts is a benefit to the District, our students, colleagues, and the community of Carpinteria.

By the end of the month, as stated by Assistant Superintendent Maureen Fitzgerald, CUSD will be providing previously earned retro-pay to all CERTIFICATED Staff employed on the date of the agreement.  This retro pay is a result of the 8% increase to all earnings tied to the CERTIFICATED Salary-Schedule, retro to July 2022.   The specific language of the agreement states…

” 6.0        Wages (2018-2019 Certificated Salary Schedule) The 2022-2023 Certificated Salary Schedule will be revised to reflect an increase of eight percent (8%), effective July 1, 2022.  Certificated unit members must be employed on the date the agreement is ratified by both parties to receive the retroactive salary payment.



Further Clarification:

In calculating your retro-pay values, employees should be aware that CUSD will calculate said values (for the retro-pay period) according to each CERTIFICATED employee’s annual salary rate, which is dependent on each individual’s specific step & column value.

Similarly, as no further restrictions were bargained in relation to the retro-pay component, the retro-pay will be extended to all earnings from service hours directly connected to said salary schedule in the CERTIFICATED Salary-Schedule.  This includes MOU’s governing compensation values earned during the retro-pay period, which were also directly connected to said salary schedule  (ex. MOUs related to Substitute or Summer School service provided during the retro-pay period ).

Some examples of extended service hours directly tied to the CERTIFICATED Salary-Schedule include:

* Department Chair Stipends

* Tutorial Hours

* Summer School Teaching hours

* Summer Professional Development

* Faculty Substitute Hours

CERTIFICATED Employees are strongly encouraged to contact (via email) the CUSD Human Resource Director, Diana Zapata (, and CUSD Payroll Technician, Lise Main (, to remind and confirm with them that you provided the District extended service beyond the routine annual salary schedule values.  Employees are welcome to CC or BCC the Union when they do this (

Although the District is required to maintain accurate records of the hours each employee worked during the retro-pay period, Union leadership believes it would be helpful to clarify the kinds of extended service you provided.  This extra-effort will support an accurate accounting of said hours on the District’s end, and clarify your own expectations and memory of the previous service you provided during the retro-pay period.


Moving Forward:

There is much for the bargaining partners to be proud of with this now ratified agreement.  Union Leadership extends its gratitude and appreciation to all of those who came forward and shared their voices, experiences, and interests, in an effort to help clarify the benefits of the proposals we were able to secure.  Your patience and participation have been instrumental throughout this process.

And again, as CLASSIFIED Bargaining is still underway, we hope that CERTIFICATED employees recognize that the support and voice of our CLASSIFIED colleagues was critical to reaching this agreement.  As Union Leadership works to resolve similar much needed improvements for our CLASSIFIED colleagues, we ask that CERTIFICATED employees please remain engaged and help the School Board and community better understand the value of District support staff.

In Unity,

~ j. Hotchner * CAUSE President




C.A.U.S.E. – Yes We Can ! *