RE: Intruders On CANALINO Campus
* Thursday, April 13, 2023 *

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, two adult male trespassers (intruders) entered the CANALINO campus.  CANALINO Principal, Jamie Persoon, shared a public statement about the event in an email to staff at 2:16 p.m., as well as follow-up PARENTSQUARE posts that went to parents and staff at 2:22 p.m., and throughout the following 24 hours.



With the SAFETY of District students, employees, and families in mind, and after receiving data from concerned CANALINO faculty, support staff, and parents;  Union Leadership is compelled to provide the following information.  

* In a school-site meeting on Friday, April 14th, Sheriff Deputies revealed that there was approximately a 10 minute gap (possibly as much as 17 minutes) between the timestamp on the security photo and the 911 phone call made by a District employee.

* In the event of a similar scenario, Sheriff Deputies encouraged staff & faculty to call 911 early and often.

* Sheriff Deputies shared that if the assailants had jumped over “Roy’s fence,” they would have landed them in the D.O. parking lot, not the location where they were seen on camera.

* Sheriff Deputies also stated that in 90% of situations of thieves running through yards, being barked at by dogs would have come back the direction that they came.

* Sheriff Deputies shared that the “black suv” does not match the M.O. of thieves planning to steal from a house deeper in the cul de sac.

* Sheriff Deputies stated that trespassers/intruders entering a school campus is a misdemeanor and against the law.

* It remains unclear if Principal Persoon was either on campus and/or available at the time of the intruder event.

* Principal Persoon defended the administrative response, stating that a District Office clerical secretary was with them the whole time and had begun questioning the intruders.

* The intruders were lead through areas of the CANALINO campus where students and employees were located.

* District employees have been trained for such events; via HOUR-ZERO protocols.  In such a scenario, HOUR ZERO directs District employees (at a minimum) to call either a “HOLD & SECURE” or a “LOCK DOWN” when intruders access a school campus.

[As was enacted recently by law enforcement at CMS in November 2022 – ]


* When learning that no further investigation had been requested, faculty members from Canalino requested that an investigation be opened by the Sheriff’s Department. The deputy said that he would reach out to the Public Information Officer to look into posting the security photo on Instagram and Twitter.

* Employee Union leadership has expressed its concern; in regard to why HOUR ZERO protocols were not employed by CUSD District Office or CANALINO administration, both of whom have the authority to initiate such a response.

* Employees and Parents at CANALINO/CFS ELEMENTARY have directly shared similar concerns as to why HOUR ZERO protocols “(i.e. calling a HOLD & SECURE” or a “LOCK DOWN”) were not employed.

* Teachers and staff were informed of the incident during instructional time; via email.  Many staff reported not seeing the email until well after students had been dismissed.  In previous urgent situations, an announcement has been made on the intercom for teachers and staff to check their email.  No such announcement was made.

* There remains concern that the details shared with parents on Thursday & Friday PARENTSQUARE announcements do not match details shared by law enforcement at Friday’s meeting.   As was there concern that the PARENTSQUARE announcements did not mention the absence of protocols CUSD Administration claims employees have been trained to initiate and should use in similar circumstances.

Towards increased SAFETY,

      ~ CAUSE Leadership



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