LABOR DAY * 2023 !


​LABOR DAY Holiday * 2023

​Do you know the history ?




​CUSD Employees, Colleagues, and Families,

​CAUSE Leadership hopes this email finds you well on such a great celebratory day.  ​Do you know the history of Labor Day? Did you know you can thank unionized workers for this day-off? If not, here’s a crash course….

The True History of Labor Day


The History of Labor Day | Drive Thru History​:

​Some BENEFITS to being unionized:

Working in a unionized school district (CUSD), we thought you’d want to know ​some of the benefits of being part of a union.


  • On average, union workers are paid over 11% more than their non-union counterparts.
  • We are 41% more likely to have employer-sponsored retirement plans.
  • ​Nationally, among workers covered by a union contract, 94% have access to employer-sponsored health benefits, compared to just 68% of non-union workers.​
  • Locally, CAUSE Leadership recently fought for, negotiated, and secured significant HEALTHCARE improvements for District personal; including maintaining fully funded plans while including new plans for part-time workers.

At the State level…

Your Union, the CFT & CAUSE, have been focused on these ​4 ( of 13 ) bills that could transform K-12 Public Education in California!

  • AB 938 – The 50% Educator Pay bill;
  • AB 811 – the Student Repeatability Bill;
  • AB 1699 – First Right of Refusal for Classified Bill; and
  • SB 394 – The Green Schools Master Plan.

Th​ese bills have been a huge achievement​, they’ll require a few more steps to make these laws realities, including convincing the Governor.


​We hope you’ll take a moment to remind those around you of the importance of labor unions in the continued struggle to protect safe, healthy, and reasonable working conditions, while we also fight to secure fair compensation and high-quality educational opportunities for the students & families we serve.

​In Unity,

~ j. Hotchner * CAUSE President


* C.A.U.S.E. – Yes We Can ! *