Summary of Updated CalOSHA & CDPH COVID-19 Guidance

RE: Quarantine and Isolation for K-12 Personnel and Students




Good evening, District Employees, Students, and Families.

CAUSE Leadership has learned that the CDC’s guidance is a little more lenient than the CDPH and Cal/OSHA.  Since the CUSD is required to follow these statewide & more local guidelines, we are presenting these as well.

You may follow this link…

Cal OSHA Chart – Quarantine requirements for workers


Although the differences may be slight, please make every effort to familiarize yourself with CDPH‘s and Cal/OSHA’s guidance, which clarify the expectations that the CUSD alleges to follow.   Of significance, the autonomy for determining the most appropriate response is in the hands of the employee, not the District.    [Only you know your vaccination status, medical symptoms, how close, and for how long you may have been exposed to a COVID positive individual.]

Moving forward, know that you are not required to wait for either notification or permission from District leadership to follow these expectations.  Whether or not the District acknowledges that exposure prior to a potential leave event, please follow the isolation and quarantine guidelines.  The Union will work with you to ensure that CUSD covers eligible COVID-19 leave for employees who are directed by CalOSHA and/or CDPH to either “isolate” or “quarantine” (as per their attached guidelines).

In Unity,

~ CAUSE Leadership


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