Masks and Transmission Times ?

Here’s the Best Chart We’ve Seen Yet



Greetings CUSD Colleagues, Students, and Families,

This week has brought significant increases in the number of COVID-19 positive students, employees, and family members reported across the CUSD.    (And there’s no telling exactly how many are not diligently reporting transmissions.)

Many District employees have experienced uncertainty and confusion when determining the best response after learning they’ve been exposed to a COVID positive individual (i.e. student, colleague, administrator, parent, etc.).   Many are unsure if they’ve had a “close-contact” or not, and realize that the District’s definition (“unmasked contact for more than 15 minutes”) is so over-simplified that it’s much less-relevant in the face of recent changes in guidance.

When determining whether you or a loved one should continue to provide service, attend school, or take-leave to either “ISOLATE” or “QUARANTINE”, this chart should be helpful.   It clarifies expectations related to COVID-19 transmission; depending on the variety of different masks being used.

CDPH and ETS Iso Quarantine_Jan2022.pptx (CAUSE.jH)

We hope this takes some of the mystery out of an already uncertain and stressful decision.

In Unity,

~ j. Hotchner


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