CAUSE ADVISORY: Recent School Board Meetings *Updates and Actions*

Happy New Year,  CUSD Colleagues.
As we head into the new year, CAUSE leadership wanted to bring folks up to date on some of the most recent District business that preceded and followed the winter break.
CUSD Board Meeting
January 10, 2023


Even though the District was closed on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023, and much of town was still shut down, the CUSD held the District School Board meeting on that day.  Although the meeting was less than 15 minutes in length, the School Board took action on three issues of significance.
In MINUTE: 3:15, the District confirms a settlement agreement reached by CAUSE and CUSD.  This agreement will save both the CUSD and the Union a considerable amount of money associated with administrative behaviors that the Union found very concerning.   As part of this settlement, the Union protected a recent and important arbitration decision that we won; where an arbitrator upheld an employee’s ability to grieve and arbitrate discipline despite the District’s assertion to the contrary.  CAUSE Leadership continues to ensure that our employee contracts (i.e. the CUSD/CAUSE Collective Bargaining Agreements) are relevant and defensible.
In MINUTE: 3:42, the School Board extends, for another 3 years, the contract for Superintendent Rigby.  The CUSD Board also approved another 3% salary increase for CUSD Superintendent Rigby.

Then, at MINUTE: 6:30, watch the Superintendent acknowledge her pride and appreciation for the CUSD School Board’s contributions and tireless efforts on behalf of students.



CUSD Board Meeting
December 13, 2022
At the School Board Meeting on December 13, 2022, Union leadership, employees, and community members shared insights with the CUSD School Board and community.  We believe those insights, concerns, and questions are worth sharing, so we’re providing the link above.
See the following MINUTES in the video:
* MINUTE: 10:00  – Board Member Appointments to Committees * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 16:10  – Board Member Remuneration (i.e. compensation) * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 21:00  – Employee Compensation * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 24:20  – Administrative Salaries – Information Request * CMS Faculty * Kelly Vergeer
* MINUTE: 27:33  – Employee Compensation Inequities, Contracted Services, CMS Student Supervision  * Community Member
* MINUTE: 38:56  – Thanks and congratulations to CHS Students * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 38:56  – Thanks and congratulations to CHS Students * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 43:07  – Observations on the Ca. Healthy Kids Survey * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 44:41  – Questions on District’s safety policies * Community Member
* MINUTE: 47:00  – 2022-23 Superintendent’s Annual Goals and Evaluations  * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 49:27  – 2022-23 Superintendent’s Annual Goals and Evaluations  * Community Member
* MINUTE: 101:35  – FSA Program & requests for comparable data * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 102:58  – Collective Bargaining [CERTIFICATED] – UPDATE as of Dec. 5, 2023 * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 106:08  – Salary & Training Discrepancies * CUSD Instructional Aide * Heidi Medel (On behalf of several CLASSIFIED colleagues)
* MINUTE: 1:09:14  – Salary, Employment, & Instructional Delivery Concerns * CUSD Instructional Aide * Lupe Gonzalez & Hannah Keturi
* MINUTE: 1:19:00 – Thanks and appreciation (Gifts and Grants) * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 1:40:40 – Business Operations / Facilities  * Community Member
* MINUTE: 1:52:28 – Prop. 28 – Increased Funding on Arts & Music Education * CAUSE
* MINUTE: 1:57:37 – Upcoming Board Agenda Items (& Questions) * CAUSE