Grievance Procedure

Grievances are formally filed by either the Union or an individual unit-member. Grievances are not “an attack” on the school District, but rather, a response to concerns and practices believed to be in conflict with the either the Classified or Certificated contracts. Grievances and the associated processes provide District employees an opportunity to formally and constructively inquire upon topics under dispute, without over-personalizing the related action/discussion.

On occasion, the topics and/or details of a grievance may be deemed confidential by the CAUSE EBOARD. That said, not all grievances are confidential. Most have a direct impact on the working conditions and contractual expectations of all unit-members across the District. In these cases, CAUSE will make an effort to keep the unit-members advised of the issues under consideration, the positions taken by the bargaining partners, and eventually, the outcome of the given grievance.

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