​CUSD School Board Passes LAYOFF Resolution
[ Without A Single Board Study Session ]
Union Leadership Responds

At the Tuesday, March 12, 2024 CUSD Board meeting, the School Board voted 5-0 to LAYOFF several CLASSIFIED employees, and did not even inquire about the 8-10 teachers being non-reelected, as a result of CUSD’s effort to avoid the LAYOFF process.  After a clear procedural error exposed the District’s intent to pass the LAYOFF Resolution without even listening to the Union’s perspective and insights first (see MINUTE: 3:29:15), the District scrambled to improve the optics.

In the end, CUSD’s effort to adjust the order of District business didn’t change a thing.  The Board had already arrived, prepared to rubber stamp the Superintendent’s recommendation, just as they do on all other matters.

Nonetheless, Union Leadership attempted to advocate for these approximately 13-15 employees and the students who will be harmed by these LAYOFFS and Non-Reelections.  We did so by sharing several reasons why LAYOFFS and Non-Reelections are absolutely unnecessary at this time.  If you’re interested in listening to our complete comments, you will find them at MINUTE: 3:30:25 of last night’s Board meeting video…




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