CAUSE Leadership Endorses ROY LEE 
for SB County District 1 Supervisor
How can you help support Roy ?
CUSD Teachers, Support Staff, Families, and Community Members,
     Union Leadership is pleased to announce its endorsement for Roy Lee, candidate for SB District 1 Supervisor.
Some of you may know Roy and his wife as parents of CUSD students. Others may know Roy as a private businessman and owner of Uncle Chen’s restaurant.  You may know Roy as the Carpinteria City Councilman who worked to improve student safety by pushing for the new traffic light adjacent Carpinteria Middle School and advocating for our Community Resource Officer; who coincidentally (just yesterday) apprehended two students in possession of a handgun outside the CHS campus.   However you know Roy, the CAUSE EBOARD believes you will agree; his commitment to the betterment of the CUSD is both sincere and on target
     [ And let’s be clear, that’s much more than you can say about the incumbent, Das Williams.  Das has generally ignored District issues for the majority of his 20 years as a career politician; except of course when he worked with CUSD Superintendent Rigby and the marijuana industry to circumvent boundary and health issues around District campuses.]
To better understand Roy’s vision, check out his website & NEWSMAKERS interview:
For those interested in directly supporting his campaign, you may volunteer here:
[ Roy’s campaign team will be emailing people weekly for canvassing and phone bank opportunities. ]
Finally, come meet and speak with Roy in person:
* Sat. February 10th – 10:00 AM @ at Uncle Chen’s Restaurant, in Carpinteria
* Sat. February 17th – 10:00 AM at the Rose Garden in Santa Barbara, by the Mission Santa Barbara.
If you’d like to place a yard sign on your property, please let us know.  The Union is assisting with the delivery of these signs to those willing to display their support.