RE: District Leadership Performance Surveys

We take matters of CONFIDENTIALITY very seriously.

[ District retaliation is a legitimate concern. ]




CUSD Colleagues,

Thank you to the many who have reached out to CAUSE with their questions and concerns.  CAUSE Leadership understands that many CUSD employees genuinely fear administrative retaliation if they share survey feedback that contains criticisms, concerns, negative marks and/or observations about our District leadership.

It is true that Superintendent Rigby, with the support of the School Board, has pursued an atmosphere that threatens dissenting employee voices and has illegally punished those who have engaged in Union activities.  Fortunately, the State of California recognizes this also.  Recently, this was again demonstrated by important legal decisions confirming CUSD’s attempts to discipline employees for engaging in protected Union activities.

With this in mind, we want to assure our District colleagues, CLASSIFIED and CERTIFICATED, that the Union takes the CONFIDENTIALITY of survey participants VERY SERIOUSLY.

Here’s how:

1.) The Union will not release any survey responses or data in association with any single respondent’s name or identity.

2.) Where, due to respondent pool size, a small pool of respondents could be easily identified; Union Leadership will not publicize said data alone.  Instead, we will collate that data with larger data-sets.   Feedback from our smaller elementary schools or programs will be collated with Site-Principal or Supervisor data from the larger school-sites & programs they work administer.


           (A) SUMMERLAND data is collated w/ALISO data

           (B) CFS data is collated w/ CANALINO data

           (C) RINCON HS data is collated w/ CHS data

3.) Confidential access to comprehensive survey data is limited to a select few (No more than 3.) elected CAUSE leaders.  Similarly, respondent feedback is preserved on external computers and programs, which are encrypted, password protected, and inaccessible to the CUSD.

Moving forward, whether an employee works at either a large or small school-site/program, CLASSIFIED & CERTIFICATED employees may participate in the survey process with the confidence that CAUSE Leadership has thoroughly considered how it can secure and protect their confidentiality and well-being.

Similar to teaching and learning, CAUSE Leadership is painfully aware that little genuine engagement can occur until the SAFETY of those involved can be secured.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

     ~ j. Hotchner * CAUSE President




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