Bargaining Update

Aug. 30th & 31st, 2022


Greetings District Employees, Families, and Interested Community Members,

The bargaining partners met on Tuesday (Aug. 30th, 2022), and will meet again today (Aug. 31st, 2022) to continue our Summer bargaining sessions.  Here is a brief update on the major topics discussed…

1.) The CUSD District Calendar:

On Tuesday, the District submitted its most recent counter-proposal, which CUSD published to the community in July, but did not officially and legally submit to CAUSE until yesterday.  After reviewing the proposal, the Union responded with the attached counter-proposal; The Union’s 5th Counter-Proposal on the 2022-23 District Calendar – Aug. 30, 2022.

Contained at the outset of the proposal, the Union proposed that the bargaining partners work to develop a 2 years calendar agreement.  Pursuing a two year calendar agreement is a routine action, when bargaining partners are committed to providing District employees and families an opportunity to plan well in advance of any future District dates, start times, holidays, etc.   In light of the confusion associated with the District’s decision to release the District calendar in the 11th hour of the Summer break, the Union believed this proposal was value added for all parties, but especially employees and student families.

However, the District refused to discuss and promptly rejected the possibility for a two year agreement; stating that it would now prefer a status-quo calendar ( a suggestion CAUSE provided in May, 2022).  Unfortunately, the District’s refusal to even discuss a two year calendar option preserves the same confusion and uncertainty CUSD pursued this Summer; confusion and uncertainty that now appears even more intentional than we had originally thought.

2.) Compensation & Benefits:

CAUSE leadership and District employees refuse to accept the District’s original plan; a 1% salary increase, while continuing to angle for future healthcare cuts, which was simply not acceptable.   And we’re pleased that CUSD is beginning to better understand this, as well as the frustration and hardship experienced by District employees struggling with ‘bread and butter’ issues, as the cost of living (regionally) has increased by approximately 15%.

On Tuesday, the District provided a proposal on Article 6: Compensation & Benefits (see attached).  Although this proposal still falls short, it is more realistic than their position in the late Spring and early Summer, 2022.  Unfortunately, among other concerns, CUSD’s proposal is founded on the District’s politicized budget predictions, versus the unaudited actuals (not politicized predictions) due to be released in late September / early October, 2022.

Similarly, the District’s proposal does little to resolve the variety of other compensation and benefits issues that remain outstanding.  These issues, brought to the attention of the bargaining partners throughout the last year, address the comprehensive proposals and contract amendments our members have requested we pursue.   Therefore, the Union will develop a counter-proposal; as informed by those District employees who have discussed their interests with our representatives, participated in our Union SURVEYS, and shared their suggested improvements throughout the previous year.

Moving forward:

We look forward to meeting with the District shortly, and will send another update when there is more to report.   In the meantime, if you have not had a chance, please take a moment to complete our most recent SURVEY, which explores members’ interest in an “OPT-OUT” option associated with our employee HEALTHCARE offerings.

In Unity,

~ CAUSE Leadership



* C.A.U.S.E. – Yes We Can ! *