Once Again, CUSD Retaliates Against Union President and Members


Attention CAUSE Union Members, District Employees, and Families:

Many of you know and have worked with, Jay Hotchner, your elected Union president and tireless advocate for District employees.

Although (in a recent precedential legal decision) the state of California directed District leadership to cease and desist from any further retaliation, the District has once again placed Mr. Hotchner on administrative leave.   CUSD leadership has not informed Mr. Hotchner or CAUSE of the District’s charges against him.  CAUSE strongly believes this is further retaliation because of his role as a union leader.

Moving forward, CAUSE and the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) will continue to advocate for its members and Mr. Hotchner (who will continue in his role as CAUSE President and employee advocate).

For more details, please see the letter, linked below, to CAUSE membership.


In Unity,



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