Bargaining Update

Article 6:  Compensation & Benefits –

Article 13: Leave Provisions –

Oct. 14, 2022


 Dear CUSD Colleagues & Families,

Today’s Bargaining Session (Article 6 – Compensation & Benefits):

The Union met with the District today, to continue the 2022-23 bargaining cycle.  At today’s meeting, the Union sought clarifications upon the District’s proposal, dated Oct. 5, 2022.  Similarly, the Union  sought clarification upon the District’s seemingly impulsive rejection of the majority of the Union’s recent Counter-Proposal on Article 6: Compensation & Benefits.  [ The District had failed to provide a rationale for the majority of its seemingly impulsive rejections on October 5, 2022.  The Union wanted to better understand the CUSD’s rationales and motivations, in hopes that we might find a way to assuage the District’s concerns and find a way to get to an agreement. ]

Union leadership also requested updated fiscal data/information from the District.  The Union remains committed to basing our financial decisions upon real numbers, versus predictions and propaganda.   We want to be reasonable.  Therefore, we continue to seek the most current District budget and “Multi-Year-Projections (MYP),” which are informed by the most recently published “Unaudited Actuals” (i.e. The actual money in the District’s budget, versus the District’s previous predictions that once again under-estimated revenues and over-estimated expenditures.)

Although this request was made early in the meeting, the District chose not to fulfill the Union’s request for the updated fiscal data in the CUSD’s possession; even refusing to provide any timeline for when CUSD’s agents would meet their obligation to do so.  Therefore, CAUSE could not adequately examine the full impact of either the District’s or the Union’s financial proposals at today’s meeting.  We hope the District responds to its obligation to provide this data before our next bargaining session, versus playing “hide the ball” with the data they are required to share.

Today’s Bargaining Session (Article 13 – LEAVE PROVISIONS):

To ensure that the scheduled time was still used productively, the Union finalized and submitted its first proposal on Article 13 : LEAVE PROVISIONS.  For your convenience, we  have attached that proposal to this ADVISORY.

CAUSE LEAVE Proposal (1st) 2022


Upcoming Union-Site Meetings (week of Oct. 17th – 21st) :

Throughout the course of next week, CAUSE leadership will continue to hold Union-Site Meetings across the District.  We remain committed to providing District employees insight into our bargaining effort, as well as sharing opportunities available to District employees who wish to support that effort.  We have attached a meeting schedule below, and ask that ALL District faculty and support staff mark your calendars appropriately.

Union School-Site_Facility Meeting.Oct.17-21

We look forward to discussing this further, when we meet in person.

In Patience & Participation,

~ The CAUSE bargaining Team



* C.A.U.S.E. – Yes We Can ! *