ATTENTION: District Employees (HEALTHCARE Selection “Deadlines”)

ATTENTION: District Employees
CUSD’s New HEALTHCARE Selection “Deadlines”
District Colleagues & Employees,
This year, many District employees will have increased access to fully-funded or partially-funded HEALTHCARE options that did not exist in the past!
Union Leadership encourages ALL District personnel to examine available HEALTHCARE plans (See negotiated agreement attached.) and designate their HEALTHCARE preferences before the District’s August 18th HEALTHCARE selection “deadline” has passed. 
Although the CUSD may not refuse employees their earned HEALTHCARE benefits, it appears that the process will be considerably (and perhaps unnecessarily) complicated after the August 18, 2023 “deadline” announced by the District.  Employees are strongly encouraged to complete their HEALTHCARE plan selection before further confusion or delays are built into the process.
In the last collective bargaining cycle, the Union and District negotiated several improvements associated with the HEALTHCARE offerings available to CUSD employees; including but not limited to…
* a wider variety of HEALTHCARE plan designs
* increased employee access to improved HEALTHCARE plans
* improved funding models for available HEALTHCARE plans
* and significant changes to HEALTHCARE plan options
With the recent arbitrary administrative changes to the DISTRICT OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD and “administrative support”, there is concern that CUSD is limiting access to employee HEALTHCARE by imposing arbitrary deadlines on HEALTHCARE plan selection.
 In an announcement sent in late July, the District stated, No changes will be allowed after Friday August 18, 2023, or during the plan year, unless you experience a qualifying event as defined by the IRS.

Last year (22-23), the policy was…

Recognizing a significant difference between this and last year’s expectations, and concerned that the District’s arbitrary new deadline would not permit employees adequate time to examine and select plans before the new deadline had passed, the Union sent an information request.
Upon our inquiry, the District clarified upon the misleading nature of its original statement; confirming that “This year, if an employee needs to make a change or an enrollment after August 18, they will need to contact [sic. The District] directly and [sic. CUSD] will individually open up the enrollment option for them in the Ease platform.”
Although Union Leadership is pleased that CUSD has more clearly acknowledged employees’ opportunity to resolve HEALTHCARE plan selection after August 18th, 2023, we recognize that the CUSD has not advertised this condition widely.  Therefore, Union Leadership shares it with our District colleagues in hopes that you may avoid future confusion and delay associated with your increased access to employee HEALTHCARE.
In Unity,
~ j. Hotchner * CAUSE President


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