CUSD Rejects SAFETY Improvements; to be continued…




Bargaining Update: July 13, 2023


CUSD Rejects Every Proposed SAFETY Improvement




District Employees, Families, and Interested Community,

On June 5, 2023, CAUSE submitted its initial proposal on ARTICLE 15: SAFETY.   ( A. CERTIFICATED CAUSE (1st Proposal ) ARTICLE 15 SAFETY 2023-24 )

In hopes of making improvements to District SAFETY before the 23-24 school year begins, the Union joined the District (today) to further negotiate ARTICLE 15: SAFETY.    Upon arrival, the District submitted its first counter proposal on ARTICLE 15: SAFETY (  B. CUSD Counter Proposal 1st July 15. 2023 Article 15 Safety CAUSE Certificated 2023-24)  In its counter proposal, the District rejected every proposed SAFETY improvement contained in the Union’s initial proposal.

Unfortunately, it appears that tangible SAFETY improvements will not be put in place by the start of CUSD’s 23-24 school year.  But our effort to pursue these improvements though the bargaining process is far from over.   Still laser focused on ensuring the well-being  of CUSD’s students, employees, and families, the Union responded by submitting its first counter proposal on ARTICLE 15: SAFETY. ( C. CERTIFICATED CAUSE (1st Counter Proposal ) ARTICLE 15 SAFETY 2023-24 )

Towards Progress,

~ CAUSE Leadership


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